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wave curtain

Many homeowners prefer to choose a wave curtain, especially for bathrooms and living rooms. These curtains add a brighter touch.

Where drawings and light colors such as (white – yellow – blue) appear more clearly. In the coming lines, we explain to you the advantages of using this type of curtain at home and what are its most important features.

s fold curtains

This type of curtains is suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. Which is preferred by homeowners because of its simple design, as it can be folded to form the letter S.

These curtains can be used with other designs for bedrooms and living rooms.

The type of fabrics used in s fold curtains are more elegant and give a unique view in the room.

We offer you the best service by displaying the fabrics and designs available in BMC homestyle to choose the best, and we also offer a variety of wonderful colors to suit every room.

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wave curtain features

It can be said that “s wave curtains”, which are preferred by many homeowners, are characterized by their ease of opening and closing, which makes them a great choice in rooms.

These curtains have a design very similar to the “S” pattern. These curtains are often large enough to cover the entire window.

These types of curtains are modern and give a more wonderful view of the rooms, especially when looking from the side of the curtains and windows.

Best collection of curtains uae 2023
uae curtains 2023
best selection of curtains in uae 2023

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